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December 11, 2016

How To Get Free USA, UK and China Address + Zip/Postal Code From ShopToMyDoor

Do you want a free foreign address e.g Usa for yourself but you don't know how to get one, today i will teach you how to get a free active Usa, UK and china address with just a few clicks without any stress. There are many importance of having having these address. You can make use of these address to :
  • Create AdSense Account 
  • Verify AdSense Account 
  • Use of it for other purposes and many more. 
These foreign address won't be generated from any ther place but from Shoptomydoor. Shoptomydoor is a site where you can get 
  • Free Usa, Uk and China address and zip/postal code for yourself, signing up for Adsense, verifying AdSense and for other purposes. 
  • Ship your USA or UK Post office message to your current country (Paid)
  • Exchange currency Online
  • And lots more... 

Usefulness Of Postal Code? 

I mentioned postal code because this code is very important. This code is very important because it is used to transfer message from one post office to another. Especially when signing up for Usa or Uk AdSense, you need a Usa Or Uk postal code because this is where your verification PIN will be shipped to. "But if you are not in Usa nor Uk, you can still get the PIN Using Shoptomydoor for 10$. I will write an article on that later". 

How To Get Free USA, UK and China Address? - All in one 

==> Go to Create an account with them. Click "Join now" 

==> When the page open, input all required details - Names, Email, Password, number and Text in character given. 

==> Confirm your mail and log in to your Shoptomydoor account. 

==> Now you will be given free Usa, Uk and china address. These are the only available address because these are the country Shoptomydoor work with. Checkout my own Usa Address below. 

That not all, if you purposely need this address for an important thing like your AdSense Pin, you need to verify your real country address e.g Nigeria plus the zipcode of the city you stay in Nigeria e.g Lagos is a city and zip or postal code is 100001. You need this so that once your AdSense Pin is already sent to your Usa Post Office, Shoptomydoor will help you ship it to your real country zip code for just 10$. Prize might increase later but for now it 10$. That's all you can drop your questions and will be answered As soon as we see it. 
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December 10, 2016

Easiest Way To Download YouTube Videos - Use Vidmate

YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquarteredin San Bruno, California, United States. But YouTube was later bought by Google In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion. YouTube now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries that why we can monetize our YouTube video easily using AdSense.  YouTube videos are very complex to download both online or with their app. You can only watch videos on YouTube online and with their app but can't download which is very bad. 

There are tricks which you can use to download YouTube videos out there but only few know because other who don't know don't ask. But i will say tge best way to download YouTube videos is making use of vidmate app. Vidmate app is a very powerful app. Vidmate app has a browser in it also which can enable you input url of video that you cannot download easily. 

How To Download YouTube Videos ( 2 Trick) 

Trick 1

First trick to download YouTube videos is by getting the url of the video and adding magic to the url. For instance, you want to download this movie To download , You just have to apply "magic" in-between the YouTube url. That's like this Immediately you do this, your download will automatically start. You can also can change the video qualities you want to download with this trick from the listed options. 

Trick 2 

Another trick for you to download YouTube videos is by adding ss in front of the YouTube video. e.g will be

Now it will redirect you to the downloading page which is Now you can now download the video. Chose the file type you want (MP4) then click download. 

How To Download YouTube Videos ( Vidmate ) 

To download YouTube videos using vidmate app is the very easiest way. Firstly download vidmate app here

Launch the vidmate app, at the topof the app there is a search box there. Just input the video you want to download in the search box. You can also put the url or a video also.

Now the vidmate will search the video related to your keyword. Then go to the YouTube Tab Section and click "Download" infront of the vide you want to download 

Choose the file format be it HD, MP4, 3GP and others.

Now you can now start downloading the video.

After downloading, you can locate the YouTube video at Sd card >> Vidmate >> Downloads. 

That's guys, you can drop your comments below if the article is helpful.
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December 06, 2016

How To Crash Friend’s Whatsapp Account By Sending a Simple Message Using Whatsapp Bomber

This is a Child's Play. Do you want to have fun on whatsapp by crashing or seizing your friend's whatsapp account? you are at the right place. I will teach you how to crash your friend's whatsapp account using whatsapp bomb. Whatsapp bomb is the app we arr going to use in this Guide, we will show you how to send spam text messages to someone with Whatsapp SMS Bomber app.

Requirements for Crash your Friend’s Whatsapp Account

In order for you to use Whatsapp bomber app in your device, you need several things to be setup in your device which are :

  • Whatsapp bomber app : Download Now
  • Android Device :  Rooted or Not, Doesn’t Matter. also see - How to root android phone.
  • Whatsapp Installed : Any Version Old or new. if you are using whatsapp plus or Whatsapp or any whatsapp mod, don’t worry. this guide will work surely for you without any issues. Unknown Sources Enabled. For Enable Goto Phone’s Settings, Goto “Security ” & Tick on “Unknown Sources “.

How to Crash Friend’s Whatsapp Account 

  • After downnloading whatsapp bomberapk download, Then, Open The app & You Will See a Screen, LikeScreenshot Below.

  • Now, Select Bombing Level from 1 To 5 According toyour Choice. level 1 means, small bombing & level 5 means, Bomb at Highest Rate. you should choose between level 1 to level 5. if you are using this first time, then i will recommend you to use level 3 at firs. & see how it reacts.

  • As soon you choose level, Now click on Copy Bomb to Clipboard Button. & now, it will Copy full text & just send it as a message to victim ( Which person’s whatsapp you want to crash)
  • So after send message, ask your friends to read your chats. his/her whatsapp account will be crash for some time or your Friend’s Whatsapp will be hang. 

Precautions While Using This Guide

You can use Whatsapp bomber app in 
your device from above guide, But you must notice below things, which are mentioned below for use this app in best possible way ever. 
  • Don’t Select Bigger level like 4 or 5 level if your phone is low-end, like if your phone have 1GB ram, then don’t select more than 3 level, because it will hang up your phone :p
  • it may also hang your whatsapp, so just send a message & after that clear chat history is necessary.

How to Recover Whatsapp After Bombing

It’s Very easy to recover whatsapp when it hangs. if you was sending sms to your friends, & it hangs your Whatsapp , then follow below easy steps, for recover your Phone before
bombing. or else, if any of your friend sent you Message, & your whatsapp hanged, then also below Guide will solve your issue for sure. check that out.

  • Just Goto Settings – Apps , Scroll down & Click on Whatsapp . Force Stop Whatsapp & Open it. now, don’t read any chats, just tap on menu button, here you have to delete all chats & your Problem will solve.
  • If your issue is still not solved, then Just goto settings & clear it’s data.
NOTE : If whatsapp is not opening, then clear data of whataspp & register number again. this will solve your issue.
These days, Whatsapp Bomber is much more popular. people are looking for new tricks. in which they just want some fun. so I am sharing a trick, in which you can make some fun by Bcrashing your friend’s whatsapp account by sending simple messages. with this app, you just have to copy text & send it to your victim. As soon he open your message, his Whatsapp will be crashed & he will not be able to use his whatsapp account at least for 5 minutes, depending on various factors like phone’s performance, & bombing level. also checkout Root android without pc higher the bombing level, will increase the amount of trouble too. so, just try it out. best thing is that this app is completely free. you don’t need to pay even any single penny for it. so check it out. this app is working on both rooted & non rooted smartphones. so no need to worry about that.

So this was my Easy Guide for how to send spam text messages to someone & Crash / Hang your friend’s Whatsapp account. So checkout this easy Guide & I hope you have liked this Article. Keep visit here for more tips & tricks like
this. also have a look at Android Tricks . So, Guys Enjoy Whstsapp Bomber .
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How To Remove License Verification From Premium Android Apps To Enjoy More Of The App

An application can also restrict use of the application to a specific device, in addition to any other constraints. The licensing service is a secure means of controlling access to your applications. License verification make premium app offer it service and you know what it means when an app is a premium app, you will pay to renew the app. The question is do you want to use premium Android apps for free? without any trick, Now it is possible to remove license verification from any apps and games that you want! All you need a small app for Android named Lucky Patcher . Its very easy to use the app. But remember you have to root your Android smartphone to remove license verification from apps or  games.

Read Also >> How To Remove Ads From Android Apps & Games Using Lucky patcher

How To Remove License Verification With Lucky Patcher :

Step 1 ==> Root your Android device to start the process. You have to root your device to get started. There are a lot of Root Tutorials can be found on the Internet, you can also watch youtube video tutorial on how to root your android. But remember, the root process will be different in different
smartphone. So search with your phone model for root tutorial.

Step 2 ==> Download Lucky Patcher APP from our website and Install it on your Android device.

Step 3 ==>  Open Lucky Patcher Android app . After opening lucky patcher you will see that the app will load all the apps that installed on your device.

Now select the app that you want to remove license verification.

Step 4 ==> You will see a menu with different options. Now select the “Open menu of patches” to continue.

Step 5 : On that menu, press the button “Remove License Verification” Now you will see another menu with different options for removing license verification. Select or deselect the patch that you want.

Now press the apply button to patch the app. Wait for a while to get the results.

Step 6 ==>  You will get a successful results with details. Congratulations!
Now you have removed license verification from your desired Android app or game.

Real post coming with video
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October 28, 2016

How To Unlock Any Android Phone Using Pattern Or Password Lock

Have you forgotten the pattern lock or pin lock of your android phone or device and you have decided to throw tge phone away? Please!, do not your problem has been solved i now know How To Unlock Any Android Phone Using Pattern Or Password Lock. You may also want to do ot use this trick this for hacking purposes. Hmm! Gotcha

Material Needed For The Tutorial 

  • A Personal Computer (Pc), 
  • Andriod SDK, and 
  • A working universal serial bus (USB) cable

How To Unlock Any Android Phone Using Pattern Or Password Lock

Download ANDROID SDK Here and Extract ANDROID SDK tools. Open ANDROID SDK folder, open SDK folder, open platform tools folder ans Copy the file path that's leads to platform tools folder

7. Goto my computer, Right click and open advanced system settings Click environment variables and then click path.  In the variable value space fix this ; and the end of all the textwritten and paste the path you copied on your platform toolsfolder

Save and go back to your platform tools folder ans In the platform tools folder hold shift and right click and select open command prompt there. Also In the command prompt type adb and press enter. Next type adb devices and click enter , if your device model shows then you phone is well connected

Now type adb shell and click enter and if your phone is rooted type su and press enter , if your phone is not rooted pls don't type it. Then Now type rm /data/system/gesture.key and then press enter. Now your phone has been unlocked in the place of gesture type password if your device is locked
with a password.

Your telephone will even now show a secret key or example has been utilized to bolt the telephone , yet now any example you draw or watchword you write will absolutely open the telephone . All you have to do to make your screen bolt typical is to go and set your screen bolt once more.
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October 07, 2016

How To Unzip Or Extract Files On Your Andriod Phone Using Easy Unrar

Do you have a RAR file and you want to unrar it to view the main contents and you have just android device. Don't worry, Easy Unrar is a free android app which lets you extract,archive or compress any files present on your Smartphone. Extracting files from a zipped file is very easy on PC as each and every OS provides us inbuilt extracting software on PC. However in case of  phone, there is no such inbuilt app.

According to PlayStore, Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip allows you to extract rar and zip files easily. It has a browser to view files on your phone or your tablet.
Supporting all versions of rar files, archives protected by a password and multi-part archives. Get simple zip compression, multi-part compression and AES encryption. Easy Unrar & Zip
enables archived content display without decompression. Save time
by selecting files and extracting them. Then open the files directly in Easy Unrar & Zip. Whole movies can be extracted and opened in a matter of minutes.

This app allows you to extract rar as well as zip files in the fraction of seconds. This app also lets you extract a movie or compress it within few minutes.

Different Functions and their Uses:

1. Extract : This option is used to extract any rar or zip files present
on your Smartphones. This is an extremely useful tool for those who want to see movies or videos with subtitles but don’t find any substitute on how to extract the downloaded subtitles.

Read Also :
Learn How to add subtitle to a particular  movie or play
◾ How to extract Ppsspp game file that comes with file extention Winrar Archive

2. Archive : When you were trying to create a new zip folder, it would ask you to save in following way. It will ask you to fill the following information. You can write a name in the place of archive name which could be lately opened usingarchive option.

3. Compress : This option lets you compress any files, movies, songs and even apk files on your Smartphone at one place. This is a powerful tool if you are trying to send more than one files to
a friend simultaneously. You can select different files and compress them into a single folder and send it to your friend. This is that easy and simple. NOTE : The main purpose of compressing a particular file is to reduce the size of the file.

How To Unzip Or Extract Files On Your Andriod Phone Using Easy Unrar 

To unzip a file using your Android phone, you will have to Download and install Easy Unrar.apk - Download it HERE and HERE(Easy unrar: + Unzip)

◾Locate the RAR file you want to Unrar and click it. Choose Easy unrar and easy unrar will be launched automatically and get ready to unrar your RAR file.
◾Tick the box in front of the file you want to unzip.
◾Click Extract All Here (you will see it at the top of the app)
◾You will see the extraction in progress as shown below,just allow it
to complete.
◾When it reaches 100% it will show Finish.

That's All. Back it and check your file wow so easy isn't it? share your opinion below.
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September 25, 2016

How To Send Colorful Text on Whatsapp And Any Other Social Media With Text Art

Wow nice application from developers from google play store called Text Art. Like I said in previous post ext art is a new android application that helps you to design and edit word or sentences for you to beautify your social media chats be it facebook, Wechat, twitter and especially whatsapp chat, be it private chats or group chats or even in a group

Where Do I Download Text Art

Since I have now introduced the appapp to your so click HERE to download it.

How To Use Text Art To Beatify Social Media Chats 

So in this this article, I will be the medium to teach you how to use the app to beatify your chats on social medias.

Step 1==> Install the TEXT ART app and launch it

Step 2==> Enter the text you wish to send. Use the [Edit Text] button or just double-•click the preview area.

Step 3==> Select the preset/design that you like.

Step 4==> Customize the design by changing the font from those available.

Step 5==>  Change the color of the new design (text and background).

Step 6==> Set a cool background (built-in textures, solid color, or a custom image)

Step 6==> Change other layout settings: margins, aspect ratio, alignment.

Step 7==> Some features and tips of text art

Step 8==> The preview image allows you to zoom / pan using pinch / drag.

Step 9==> Double-click on the preview image to edit the text.From the settings you can change the configuration of the
break-lines and the size of the resulting images.

Now dash to your whatsapp chat or any other social media click on the "clip" button to attach files, select and quickly send that creative text to impress your contacts.

Other Key Features of the TEXT ART app are

  • You can create square images to fit in the profile photo of your favourite chat app: Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram ChatON 
  • Whatsapp chats / messages 
  • You can create transparent background images with Text Art. 
  • Tiled back textures available (+35). 

In addition to the 37 fonts provided you can add custom fonts.

Note: TextArt is sent as an optimized image (.jpeg compressed or .png). Size in pixels of the resulting images is shown. So start creating your text as for happy birthday wishes, greetings, feeling in love and many others.

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July 20, 2016

Hot How To Bypass Tweakware 200mb And Browse Unlimited

The recent upgrade of tweakware to use premium account as been a limitation for most of us. Buh today, i bring to you a way to bypass that tweakware capped 200MB.  and enjoy.

1. Rooted device. A most to have.
2. Android id changer. App for android - Download HERE

If you have those above requirements, you are good to go just follow below steps carefully.

Step 1. Launch your android id changer. and grant root permission. Grant root permission only occurs when you have rooted your devices.

Step 2. Click on the download button above the app to back up ur
current ID (so as to restore later in other not to void warranty).

Step 3. press the back button and click on the "+" sign above to
generate a random ID for you.

Step 4. Save New ID ..and you are good to go.

That all  Now just launch your tweakware and use any free server, you will be granted another free 200MB. enjoy.

Note : All above steps must be done or taken only after you have exhausted the first 200MB given to you by Tweakware.
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July 19, 2016

How To Increase Your Phone 3G/2G speed Using Mtk Engineering , No Rooting Required

At horlartech's blog, we bring you the Best tutorials. I know most people just don't know why 3G server or 2G server is not stable on their phone Well different phones with different band mode.

Yesterday when i tried browsing with 2G server i noticed that it's very slow It takes mins before i could seee whatsapp message,
then i decided to play with mtk engineering mode.

While doing that i noticed band mode And also mobile data preferred , then i knew that's
what i want it's pretty easy.

Download Mtk engineering mode - HERE

Then open
Click "mtk settings"
Locate "Mobile Data Service Preferred"
Click it and tick

Press the back button locate "band mode"
Select maybe "Sim 1" Or "Sim 2"
Base on which the sim is

You will seee GSM MODE
Which represents 2G server
Untick The lowest there
E.g. EGSM900

and tick the highest
E.g. PCS1900

Then the UTMS Mode
Tick the highest there
Like mine the highest is

Click set when you are done and enjoy the speed.

Don't forget to use the share button and always visit
Horlartechs's Blog.

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July 10, 2016

How to record while making phone calls

Recording while calling is very useful. It helps in any ocaasion. Most people just call and do not not record. We should start recording now. This is because it can help as evidence anywhere. Not only as evidence, but as proves.

How to record while calling 

• Go to Your "Phone" in your android device. Click it


• Dial the Recipient number you want to call

  Press record

•  Now your record starts. Your phone start recording to any lenght you called your caller recipient and  vice versa.


Then when you are through with the calling, your record saves.


How To View My Record File

Yiu can view your rexord file by going to

SDcard 0 [Memory Card] or,
SDcard 1 [Phone Memory. Then scrolldown to Recording. Then your Recorded file is ready.

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July 04, 2016

How to add whatsapp group chat and personal chat as short cut to your phone home page

This tutorial shows the fastest  way of entering your whatsapp group chats or personal group chat. All you need is just add the "Chats" be ut group or Personal to your phone home pages. 




1. Do a long press on the Group chat you want to add as shortcut.

2. Click the 3 dots Tabs

3. Tap on "Add Chat Shortcut" 

4. Your short cut is now ready on your android's home page.


1. Do a long press on the chat

2. Click the 3 dots button 

3. Click "Add Chat ShortCut" 

4. Your shortcut is now ready 


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July 02, 2016

How to set up your blog social media icon link or Url

Most people find it difficult to set in their social media url to the social media icon. And this is a better tutorial to make you imput your social media url.


You need a PERSONAL COMPUTER for clean editing


• If you use phone, you might have template error after saving not knowing you have deleted an alphabeth or a symbol unknowingly.
• Your phone will be hanging or seizing atvthat moment tobthe extent thar it wont even load the EDIT HTML page completely.


>> Firtsly go to your blogger dashboard 2 click TEMPLATE.

>> Click Edit Template.

Then a page open then you see your template HTML numbered.

Scroll to number 1200 and start scrolling down, you will surely see the icon Html like below.

Now you look for "#" in the HTML.

Delete the #  and put your social media url there e.g
Facebook  :


After you are done, click SAVE TEMPLATE

NOW, open your web and click the social media icons one by one.  It will become clickable directing you to the link you put while editing it.

 Is The Article Helpful


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