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April 02, 2017

WhatsApp Running Slow or Hanging? See Solutions Here

Whether your WhatsApp is running very slow, hanging, crashing or not working properly, I have a solution for you. Sometimes, you might even be faced with issues like 'unfortunately whatsapp have stopped'. All these issues are fixed here once you follow and apply the tips I will share on this article.

There are several reasons which can cause your whatsapp not to work properly on your phone. The most common reasons are low memory on your phone which includes RAM and internal memory, another cause is outdated version of the app, others are huge chat log, so many media files received, virus attack, poor processor and many more reasons.

So let me ask you, is your WhatsApp Running slow or crashing? If you are facing any of the above problems, then it's time to solve it with below solutions. Follow me along.



Do you have a long whatsapp chat history? Do you belong to many whatsapp groups? Do you usually receive pictures and videos on whatsapp chat? These might be the problem and the reason why your whatsapp is hanging. So delete all the chat history especially group chats that has many media contents and see the results.

As you chat on whatsapp, lots of the inputs and memory are been stored as data and in the phone cache memory. At a time this log of memories including junk files starts slowing and hanging your phone, especially phones with low memory capacity. So you should clear the whatsapp data and cache to free up memory. Below is the guide on how to do it.

Step 1: Tap on the Settings >> Apps option on your phone.
Step 2: Locate and tap to open WhatsApp icon in the All apps window.
Step 3: Tap on the “Clear Cache” button which remove lot of junk files.

I advise you to regularly perform this operation on your whatsapp if you are facing this problems but remember it will delete your chat history!

You can also delete file with the help of “Clear Data” option from your WhatsApp Storage window. During deleting the data from WhatsApp you will get an confirmation message, press OK to delete them.

Sometimes the culprit for whatsapp not working properly is because of outdated version of the app. Make sure you perform regular updates as it fixes some app bugs.

Phone applications runs with RAM memory so if the RAM is choked up, it may struggle to run WhatsApp properly. So check the phone RAM and free space by uninstalling some apps you don't usually use. It will go a long way to fixing the hanging issue.

Virus could be the cause of this, so ensure you have an active Antivirus app that you installed. Scan your phone and remove any malware found. You can download "CM security" Antivirus app.

After applying all the above tips and your whatsapp still hangs, uninstall the app and reinstall it again. And it will surely fix so many bugs on the app. I hope the above tips helps you in fixing major whatsapp issues like hanging, running slow, etc. Help others know about this by SHARING it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc

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February 21, 2017

WhatsApp Introduced New Feature, "WhatsApp Status" Snapchat Like Feature

WhatsApp is by all means waxing stronger by the day as one of the largest Instant messenger app in the world. Just like Instagram introduced the ‘feature stories’ copied from snapchat , today
whatsapp has announced a new feature that let you express yourself using a short video, a feature inspired by snapchat.

The new feature "WhatsApp Status" will allow you to share photos, videos, and GIFs as your status(i.e. stories) which will auto-destruct in 24 hours. The feature was tested in November last year, and was pushed to beta testers last week.

You will have the ability to control who sees your statuses. Starting with Netherlands and France, the feature will start rolling out for both iOS and Android today with other markets to follow.

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February 12, 2017

How To Activate and Use AutoResponder for WhatsApp (Wa Chat Bot) on Your Android Device

In some cases you are not next to your phone, but want to reply to WhatsApp™ messages?, there is no way unless you stay online . But today i will introduce to you an app called AutoResponder for WhatsApp. AutoResponder for WhatsApp is an android app that automatically respond or reply to predefined messages, which contain some words or equal a message. AutoResponder fpr WhatsApp is alternatively called WA Chat Bot. You can set custom responses for different messages. Works as a Tasker plugin, too [PRO needed].


  • Automate your WhatsApp™ and give automatic replies
  • Automatically replies to custom/all WhatsApp™ messages with predefined texts
  • Responds if message equals or just contains some words
  • Possibility to set contacts who will get responses for each message
  • Possibility to answer all received messages (from all/from single contacts)
  • Answer replacements like %time% for current time
  • More settings..

Pro version can only be downloaded or installed only when you install the free version then download it inside the free
version of WA Chat Bot. Also WA Chat Bot doesn't work in some Android 5+ Roms 

Horlartechgist should not be held responsible for any damage or harm you got in your device(BRICK) and please follow the procedure properly.

Ensure that you back up important files(store it In SD card) before
proceeding with the below steps so that in case something goes wrong you'll be able to RESTORE your files. 

How To Activate and Use AutoResponder for WhatsApp (Wa Chat Bot) 

==> Firstly, download and install WA Chat Bot. And note that your phone must be rooted. 

==> Open the app after installing then "Allow Root access" . 

==> Now Click on Rules and add your rules or auto reply messages. 

==> Select message which has to be answered (or * for all incoming messages which can also be specified by contact)  

==> Select an answer for this message and also Select contacts which will get responses from the Settings Page 

==> Now go back home Click Enable WA Chat Bot

Now your Wa Chat Bot will start responding and replying messages automatically when you are not next or with your phone. Isn't this app great? It make sense like die. Lol😋

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January 27, 2017

iOS Users Can Now Send Offline Messages on Whatsapp

I am sure we all are still waiting for WhatsApp to roll out “ Edit and
Unsend” features , but before that, WhatsApp bypasses protocol and released an updates for iOS users instead.

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The major improvement in the new update is the addition of a new feature that allows users to tap send on messages even when they don't have internet connection or better still offline.

For instance, if you want to send a message when you're offline, you can write it and hit the send button. Though the Messages will be queued up and sent when your phone regains a connection.

Another updates WhatsApp announce includes;

• Redesigned storage usage screen that lets you manage your phone's storage space by clearing certain message types, like videos, from specific chats (Settings -- Data and Storage Usage -- Storage Usage).
• Send up to 30 photo or videos at once now. If you are using iOS, go straight to itunes market and update your WhatsApp to 2.17.1
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January 08, 2017

How To Backup to Google Drive On WhatsApp

WhatsApp Inc- was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo!. After Koum and Acton left Yahoo! in September 2007, the duo traveled to South America as a break from work. Whatsapp today has hit more than a billion of users and downloads.

WhatsApp is now a popular messenger app which has More than 1 billion users and downloads in over 180 countries using WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and family.

Backup refers to the copying of physical or virtual files or databases to a secondary site for preservation in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. When you backup all the files on yout WhatsApp, you will br able to restore them back if they get missing or mistakenly deleted.

Step 1 : Firstly, launch or open your WhatsApp Messenger.

Step 2 : Now click on the Menu Button > then click "Settings" >> "Chats".

Step 3 : Click "Chat Backup" Tap on "Back up to Google Drive"and set up the backup frequency to your liking, or tap Back Up to do an immediate backup.

Step 4 : You will be prompted to select a Google account that you will back up your chat history to. If you do not have a Google account, tap Add account when prompted. Please remember the Google account you are using for the backup.

Step 5 : Tap on Back up over to choose the network you wish to use for
backup. Please note that backing up over cellular may result in more or
additional data charges that's requires data.

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January 06, 2017

How To Play Game on WhatsApp (Jumble) -Wiki Game

WhatsApp Inc- was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo!. After Koum and Acton left Yahoo! in September 2007, the duo traveled to South America as a break from work. Whatsapp today has hit more than a billion of users and downloads.

Few weeks back i wrote on how much o make whatsapp a search engine, today i am glad to tell you that you can now turn whatsapp to a game Centre. To play game on whatsapp, we are going to make use of a BOT. Via the bot, you and friends can play Jumble game on whatsapp. And to to access the bot users need to save any one of a list of specific phone numbers and add this number to a new or existing WhatsApp group. I prefer a new group.

You can play the game only in the group and also other group participants can also participate in playing the Game. Less i forget, the game is called Jumble whereby The Bot will give You six letters or alphabet and tell you to make any word out of it then you get your point according to the words.

How to Activate Whatsapp WikiBot

To activate this WikiBot on your whatsapp, follow below gradual steps below.

Step 1 : First, add Whatsapp bot called wikibot to your contact list and name it WikiBot Game (not compulsory)

Step 2 : Then go ahead and create a new whatsapp group and just add any of below numbers i listed below which you have on your contact list.

+91 90430 10951
+91 90420 09268
+91 90420 01945
+91 90430 03788
+91 90430 03569

Step 3 : Open the newly created group and simply message "Jumble" and you'll get your game. You will be given 6 Letters to make any amount of words out of.

How To Play Jumble Game? 

Open the newly created group and simply message "Jumble" and you'll get your game. You will be given 6 Letters to make any amount of words out of.

Now start playing Jumble game with friends in the group.

When time is up, Wiki Bot gives you the winner and also some more other words that can be extracted from the given letters or alphabets.

Enjoy your game and stay updated for more trick on whatsapp. 

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December 29, 2016

How To Use WhatsApp As Search Engine -WikiBot

WhatsApp Inc- was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo!. After Koum and Acton left Yahoo! in September 2007, the duo traveled to South America as a break from work. Whatsapp today has hit more than a billion of users and downloads.

To make whatsapp a search engine, we are going to make use of a BOT. Via the bot, users can search for content on Wikipedia, access some news articles and even engage in simple mobile quizzes. And to to access the bot users need to save any one of a list of specific phone numbers and add this number to a new or existing WhatsApp group. I prefer a new group.

How to Activate Whatsapp WikiBot

To activate this WikiBot on your whatsapp, follow below graduall steps

Step 1 : First, add Whatsapp bot called wikibot to your contact list and name it WikiBot (not compulsory)

Step 2 : Then go ahead and create a new whatsapp group and just add any of below numbers i listed below which you have on your contact list.


Step 3 : Open the newly created group and simply message Hi and you'll get your reply.

How To Search? 

To search on content using WikiBot, just open the group, then message "Wiki and your search title". That's, "Wiki Free Browsing" then the bot will suply you with the content. It can also provide you a link were you are going to read about the content.

Note : WikiBot delivers searches from Wikipedia search engine only. It doesn't work hand in hand with other search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.
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December 18, 2016

WhatsApp To Include 'Edit' and 'Unsend' Features

Whatsapp had before expressed that their choice to prematurely end rendering administration to some phone is to serve individuals better, which has been adjourned to July
2017. Without much ado WhatsApp Messaging application is truly making a considerable measure of changes occasionally. I'm almost certain you are all getting a charge out of the video call includes now.
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The Surprising thing is that as much as Whatsapp features keeps going great, devices or smartphone won't support whatsapp.

Another overhaul will soon be unleash, and I wager, you'll adore it since such a variety of times you may have sent messages that are intended to be for your companion to another person and you don't know step by step instructions to erase it… however with the element coming, it will handle it.
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Most recent reports recommend that WhatsApp is trying another component that will permit clients to "disavow" a sent message, alter it and send it once more. For the same, reports said WhatsApp is getting Gmail's coolest  include: Recalling sent messages.

This component is additionally said to have showed up on WhatsApp beta rendition on iOS. While "repudiate" and alter is certainly a cool thing, in addition mystical about the element is that the "reviewed" message will apparently vanish or get erased from the beneficiaries portable as well.
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The individuals who have gatherings will discover this component convenient, as you will be ready to alter sent messages, erase sent messages. I should state this new element will be cool. But will Nigerians enjoy these features, because MTN is Urging FG To Ban WhatsApp, Viber In Nigeria - See Why! 
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December 15, 2016

How To Hack and Become any Group Whatsapp Admin

Post Disclaimer : isn't responsible for any damages made after trying or practicing this article related to hacking.
Also : Use for a genuine reason not for purpose.

I am sharing a very cool trick by which you can hack any whatsapp group to become the admin of that that whatsapp group in few clicks and minutes. In this article, you need some knowledge requirements ;

Required Knowledge 

To perform this trick you will have to know binary number system of computer programming. Binary is the machine level language of computer and it us expressed with the digits of "1 and 0" only. I can still remember binary operations in Mathematics lol. Therefore, you have to learn how to write your phone number in binary. Okay. No problem, I will help you.

Binary Digits

0 — 0 0 0 0
1 — 0 0 0 1
2 — 0 0 1 0
3 — 0 0 1 1
4 — 0 1 0 0
5 — 0 1 0 1
6 — 0 1 1 0
7 — 0 1 1 1
8 — 1 0 0 0
9 — 1 0 0 1

For instance, If your mobile number is "08023456789" then write in binary, it is : 0000,1000,0000,0010,0011,0100,0101,0110,0111,1000,1001.

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Step To Hack 

To h*ck the group send the sms to the group's admin.

“cng=true?=[target mobile number in binary]! [your mobile

After sending it, clear the data of the whatsapp or uninstall and reinstall it again. That's you are now an admin to the group.

Tested and Confirmed

Please Comply with my post Disclaimer! 


Google Prohibit NO 

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December 08, 2016

How To Hide Your Whatsapp Received Media From Your Gallery (Android Only)

It no more news that Whatsapp is the most used messenger app today and has hits 1 billion downloads. Whatsapp also records up to billions of messages sent by users daily. just a day, all whatsapp get up to billions of chats from users from all countries. Group chat are even the onces that boosts whatsapp message daily.

Now that whatsapp is the most used messenger app, photos, videos there media are also sent via whatsapp. Since whatsapp is already enabled to send audios, videos and images, it is now misused in the sense that in a group you will be receiving unwanted  & unbearable videos, images, and audio especially when you put your whatsapp in automatic downloads. Though audios are already enabled to download automatically. At same time, this is very bad, that when you set your whatsapp to automatic downloads, your whatsapp will start receivireceiving & downloading  all sorts of media message automatically which are wrong.

This normally occurs in groups. Sending unacceptable things in a whatsapp group is now rare among we Whatsapp users. And if you are the type that don't want to receive these unwanted media message and you will want to stay in the group, you will need this article. This is because, it very impossible to leave a group and still be receiving messages from that same group.

My question is, did you enable automatic downloads in your whatsapp but you don't want to receive unwanted media that download automatically? Today i will solve it for you. Though, you will be receiving unwanted media message but won't be visible in your gallery. Isn't that cool let go on. All you need to do to avoid this is just hide your whatsapp media folder from displaying in gallery. Read below to do this!

How To Hide Your Whatsapp Recieved Media From Your Gallery 

To hide your received and automatically downloaded unwanted whatsapp media, follow below steps :

Step 1 ==> Go to your Sd Card >> Whatsapp folder. 

Step 2 ==> 
Here, you will see 3 or more folders when you open the whatsapp folder. Now the folder that has the title "Media" rename it by putting a dot in front of it to make it an hidden folder just like it his done in this article.

Now to view any of your media, once you notice someone has sent you am important media and you can't reach it again, just go to your Sd Card >> Whatsapp folder >> Media. Now check the folders inside the media folder. If the media you want to check is an image, click "whatsapp image" folder to view it, and if it a video, click the "whatsapp video" folder to see it.

Practicing this article will really help you in hiding those rubbish media ypu are receiving from a whatsapp group chats.
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MTN Urges FG To Ban WhatsApp, Viber In Nigeria - See Why!

Recently, MTN cries out urging the Federal Government of Nigeria to ban whatsapp because WhatsApp, Viber, others are affecting their business in Nigeria. In what way?

For the past two months, we heard series of bad news and some difficulties in the Nigeria telecom company and telcom industry at large. We all know he CBN Governor, proposed that tax should be placed on phone calls in Nigeria and recently, NCC directed all telcos in Nigeria to increase the prices of data plans. Now, MTN wants WhatsApp to be banned from Nigeria. Why?

The Ceo of MTN is suggesting that the federal government should take action against WhatsApp because its affecting their services. Meaning Whatsapp should be banned from Nigeria. Therefore sooner or later MTN will discontinue whatsapp data plan.

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Not Again : Ncc advises Nigerians to prepare for increase in data price plans

According to reliable source, it was reported that Mr. Ferdinand Moolman who is the CEO, of MTN Nigeria, spoke out  that the activities of ‘over-the-top’ companies like WhatsApp, Viber have adverse effects on its business and affects the sustainability of Nigeria’s telecommunications industry.

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… the MTN boss pointed out that these companies were eroding gains of Nigeria’s telecom companies and asked Nigeria to take action like the United Arab Emirates did.

To take a recall back, in the United Arab Emirates, WhatsApp and SnapChat calls were banned. The issue was very critical that might lead one to jail if anyone violates that.

So guys what do you thing about this tech news. Just imagine if whatsapp was banned from Nigeria, what will be our alternative? To me, Telegram would be.
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How To Fix "Waiting for this message. This may take a while."? On Your Whatsapp Chats

At times, if you just launched your whatsapp, you will may see the message saying  "Waiting for this message. This may take a while." in place of a message in your whatsapp group or personal chats. Don't panic, this isn't a barrier.

What's the problem? 

The problem is due someone's message to arrive because their phone needs to come online and properly encrypt the message for you. This can typically occur if you or the person you're chatting with recently reinstalled WhatsApp or just launched it after switching on his phone. 

How to fix? 

To speed up this process, ask the person you're messaging to open WhatsApp on their phone.

For more information about End-to-End Encryption, please read this article. 

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December 06, 2016

WhatsApp Adjourned Support For Those Using BB OS and Nokia Symbian OS Till July 2017

Months ago, whatsapp planned to stop it service on some phones which i mentioned here. Okay phones like : Blackberry including BB10, Android below 4.0 and All java phones.  The former date set by whatsapp to stop working on Blackberry and Nokia phones running BB OS and Symbian OS was December 31. But today, people still using these devices has been given more grace period to upgrade to an Android or iOS device in order to continue enjoying WhatsApp or kiss goodbye to the worlds most popular IM applications.

In recent notifications sent to users, Whatsapp Has Extended Support Until July 2017 so if you are still using a Blackberry device that runs the BB OS or the old school Nokia devices, do
yourself a favor by upgrading. Meanwhile, this extension excludes handsets using Android 2.3 and earlier versions, Windows Phone 7 or iOS 6.

I still don't get it why some people still stick with BB. I even saw one guy last week pricing a BB device that costs around N40k. What for? Let's get it right. Blackberry is now a old device but i still wonder why people like it. Hmm all is well.
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How To Crash Friend’s Whatsapp Account By Sending a Simple Message Using Whatsapp Bomber

This is a Child's Play. Do you want to have fun on whatsapp by crashing or seizing your friend's whatsapp account? you are at the right place. I will teach you how to crash your friend's whatsapp account using whatsapp bomb. Whatsapp bomb is the app we arr going to use in this Guide, we will show you how to send spam text messages to someone with Whatsapp SMS Bomber app.

Requirements for Crash your Friend’s Whatsapp Account

In order for you to use Whatsapp bomber app in your device, you need several things to be setup in your device which are :

  • Whatsapp bomber app : Download Now
  • Android Device :  Rooted or Not, Doesn’t Matter. also see - How to root android phone.
  • Whatsapp Installed : Any Version Old or new. if you are using whatsapp plus or Whatsapp or any whatsapp mod, don’t worry. this guide will work surely for you without any issues. Unknown Sources Enabled. For Enable Goto Phone’s Settings, Goto “Security ” & Tick on “Unknown Sources “.

How to Crash Friend’s Whatsapp Account 

  • After downnloading whatsapp bomberapk download, Then, Open The app & You Will See a Screen, LikeScreenshot Below.

  • Now, Select Bombing Level from 1 To 5 According toyour Choice. level 1 means, small bombing & level 5 means, Bomb at Highest Rate. you should choose between level 1 to level 5. if you are using this first time, then i will recommend you to use level 3 at firs. & see how it reacts.

  • As soon you choose level, Now click on Copy Bomb to Clipboard Button. & now, it will Copy full text & just send it as a message to victim ( Which person’s whatsapp you want to crash)
  • So after send message, ask your friends to read your chats. his/her whatsapp account will be crash for some time or your Friend’s Whatsapp will be hang. 

Precautions While Using This Guide

You can use Whatsapp bomber app in 
your device from above guide, But you must notice below things, which are mentioned below for use this app in best possible way ever. 
  • Don’t Select Bigger level like 4 or 5 level if your phone is low-end, like if your phone have 1GB ram, then don’t select more than 3 level, because it will hang up your phone :p
  • it may also hang your whatsapp, so just send a message & after that clear chat history is necessary.

How to Recover Whatsapp After Bombing

It’s Very easy to recover whatsapp when it hangs. if you was sending sms to your friends, & it hangs your Whatsapp , then follow below easy steps, for recover your Phone before
bombing. or else, if any of your friend sent you Message, & your whatsapp hanged, then also below Guide will solve your issue for sure. check that out.

  • Just Goto Settings – Apps , Scroll down & Click on Whatsapp . Force Stop Whatsapp & Open it. now, don’t read any chats, just tap on menu button, here you have to delete all chats & your Problem will solve.
  • If your issue is still not solved, then Just goto settings & clear it’s data.
NOTE : If whatsapp is not opening, then clear data of whataspp & register number again. this will solve your issue.
These days, Whatsapp Bomber is much more popular. people are looking for new tricks. in which they just want some fun. so I am sharing a trick, in which you can make some fun by Bcrashing your friend’s whatsapp account by sending simple messages. with this app, you just have to copy text & send it to your victim. As soon he open your message, his Whatsapp will be crashed & he will not be able to use his whatsapp account at least for 5 minutes, depending on various factors like phone’s performance, & bombing level. also checkout Root android without pc higher the bombing level, will increase the amount of trouble too. so, just try it out. best thing is that this app is completely free. you don’t need to pay even any single penny for it. so check it out. this app is working on both rooted & non rooted smartphones. so no need to worry about that.

So this was my Easy Guide for how to send spam text messages to someone & Crash / Hang your friend’s Whatsapp account. So checkout this easy Guide & I hope you have liked this Article. Keep visit here for more tips & tricks like
this. also have a look at Android Tricks . So, Guys Enjoy Whstsapp Bomber .
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December 04, 2016

How To Upload Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping - Step wise Guide

Hello my lovely viewers, today i am going to discuss on how you how can you set Whatsapp profile picture without Crop it in your Android Phone. Virtually everyone android whatsapp users experience this when ever they want to upload a picture as their profile picture, they will have to crop it which might be a loss because you will miss out some important part of picture.

Isn't this bad ? But problem fixed. Here i will fix ut by teaching you how to to upload an image as profile picture in whatsapp without cropping. In this article, am going to show you the detailed step wise guise about how to make Whatsapp profile picture without
cropping. Come to think of it, whatsapp is not suppose to allow crop before uploading an image.

How To Upload Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping ? 

Therefore guys, read below steps for you to upload a Profile Picture in your Whatsapp without cropping it. Be t firstly you need an app named Squaredroid. This app isis the tool that will help you. What this app is meant for is that it will help you resze the resolution of the image without cropping any portion at all. Download Squaredroid here and Below are detailed easy steps with screenshot.

  • Thereafter successfully installing Squaredroid, open the app, & you will be viewes with 3 options in the app page. Here, click “Pick a Photo”. 
  • When it the next page shows full menu, now choose from gallery tye image you want to upload to whatsapp without cropping. 

  • Here, immediately, Squaredroid will automatically resize the image for sucessful whatsapp upload and instantly, the cropped portion also will be deleted without loosing it quality. 
  • Then after all that, click the save icon at the top right of the app page to save the image. You're done

  • Now upload your picture to whatsapp profile sucesfully without cropping. 

Is this post helpful, why don you sharr ut to all your whatsapp friends because 90% of whatsapp users needs it. Therefore kindly share using below share/like button. 

Image credits to
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November 16, 2016

Finally WhatsApp Video Calls Is Official and Working Good -Checkout!

Whatsapp video calling features is out of Beta has officially being rolled out to the regular or normal whatsapp app with waiting for so many months.

In a recent blog post of whatsapp, they made users know that the whatsapp video calling feature will be enrolled soon as said in below quote :
In the coming days, WhatsApp's more
than a billion users on Android, iOS, and Windows will get the ability to engage in video calls with their contacts.

We all know that mark zukerberg ceo of facebook is now the owner of whatsapp and where ge is lagging behind is the video calling feature for whatsapp it self. Therefore, what i will implore is that users should keep updating their whatsapp from playstore to enjoy video calling feature at any time.

Read More of what whatsapp said about this :

Our goal at WhatsApp has always been to help as many people as possible stay in touch with friends, family, and
others they care about. That means making a product that’s simple, easy to use, and accessible no matter where
you are. We started with messaging and Group Chat. Then we added voice calling. And we did it in a way that works across thousands of device and platform combinations all over the world.
Today we’re excited to announce the next step in our efforts to connect people – WhatsApp video calling. In the
coming days, WhatsApp's more than one billion users can make video calls across Android, iPhone, and Windows
Phone devices. Read More Here
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November 14, 2016

How To Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link Without Using WhatsappPrime

Whatsapp messenger has now made it easy for whatsapp group admin to add participants using group invite link rather than the admin adding number to contact phone to add users to whatsapp and this can make contact phonebook full. So whatsapp has now made it easy for whatsapp group admin via invite links. But, the problem before was that you can't use normal whatsapp to create group invite link but with the use of WhatsappPrime.apk. 

Wow this is a good news that latest Whatsapp versions starting from 2.16.259 upward are now embedded with bahd features which you guys can enjoy using whatsapp. One of them is the latest "Two Step Authentication" feature which secures your whatsapp account from being hacked. Did i just say bad features, that is the reason why whatsapp will stop working on some device (all android below 4.0, all nokia, all blackberry except bb10). 

How To Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link Without Using WhatsappPrime 

To create whatsapp group invite link without using whatsappprime, follow below steps : 

Step 1 ==> Log on to your whatsapp then "do a long tap" on the group you want to create invite link for and click the three vertical dot and click "Group Info"

Step 2 ==> Now click "Add Participants" to add more members to your group or you can also use the add memeber icon. 

Step 3 ==> Now click "invite group via link" to get the url link of your whatsapp group for you to share. 

Step 4 ==> After clicking, you will see your whatsapp group invite link and you can do below with it : 
  • Send link via whatsapp 
  • Copy link 
  • Share link 
  • Revoke link 

You can now get more group participants via invite links. Is this helpful,drop your comments below and also you can drop your number to join my whatsapp group for free to stay updated.  
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October 26, 2016

WhatsApp Now Commence Video Calling Feature As It Rollout

Uplifting news folks, your most loved social visiting and a standout amongst the most prevalent informing application on the planet - WhatsApp, has at last begun revealing their Video calling highlight. The element we have been expecting for long and now, it is up for snatches. Whatsapp is doing all things conceivable to stay beat visiting stage on the planet. Should we say R.I.P Google Duo (Video calling apps) and Google Allo (Messenger App) ? Hmm

Couple of hours back, WhatsApp started taking off Video calling elements to some beta analyzers and I'm beautiful beyond any doubt before today closes, a considerable measure of beta analyzers will be shaking WhatsApp video calling. But unfortunately, This feature may not work on all whatsapp supported for now because Whatsapp Will No Longer Work On These Phones and List of Phones, How To Know And Avoid Being A Victim. But BB10 was later excluded see why and how. The Popular  reasons for this issue is that Whatsapp is bringing some great features which might not be able to work on recent phones that won't be whatsapp supported after 31st December 2016. E.g the New Video calling features: do you expect java phone to do video calling unless you want the phone to explode. Or do you expect java and blackberry to exhibit the recent whatsApp feature of writing on images and video.  I am also sure that java phone that support whatsapp cannot exhibit the whatsapp features of quoting and tagging friends  the other 3 nice features 

For whatever length of time that you are a beta analyzer, you just need to
overhaul your WhatsApp if accessible to the most recent beta rendition and you ought to make sure to get the video calling highlights.

None beta analyzers ought to inhale simple up till the principle redesign gets the chance to Google Playstore. Take note of that it went live simply in the wake of upgrading to most recent
WhatsApp 2.16.318 Beta. Works just when both guest and beneficiary have most recent beta rendition introduced.

Duo App by google (Google Duo),a video calling is what we are using for a while to make video calls, but I know that some people who use Whatsapp than Duo. Now that Whatsapp video calling is live, hope you guys will not continue using  Duo?.

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And Sms(Direct).

You can also down telegram messenger  app Here and join our group for latest tech updates and free browsing tips and trick.

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October 18, 2016

How To Use Whatsapp On BB10 After 31, Dec. 2016 When It Will End It Service On Some Phones

It is no more news that whatsapp chat app or messenger will no longer work on below devices.
  • BlackBerry, including BlackBerry 10
  • Nokia S40
  • Nokia Symbian S60
  • Android running on 2.1 and 2.2 
  • Windows Phone 7.1

You can check out the reason why and how to know if above phones won't support whatsapp again after Dec, 31 2016. Noticed did I just mentioned Blackberry 10 Lol. BB10 has being already exonerated to use whatsapp forever with this trick I am about to disclose to you guys.

One of the reasons why whatsapp will not work on above listed phone is that there are new coming whatsapp features that wool be added to whatsapp which above phones with whatsapp can't enjoy the feature.

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Step by step instructions to Use Whatsapp On BB 10 after Dec 31 2016

1. Intall Opera browser (not Opera Mini) from Google Play Store. 

2. Begin Opera program in desktop mode, sort in You will think of regular QR code. 

3. Open Android whatsApp application as of now introduced, open  WhatsApp Web to check the QR code. 

4. On Opera program quickly take a photo of the QRVGGcode with another cell phone, (You ought to be brisk  since the QR code continues changing following few moments). 

5. Presently in WhatsApp application check the QR code from the photo of the second Mobile gadget. 

6. On the off chance that you are brisk and everything goes OK, then WhatsApp Web will begin in your Opera browser.

7. Presently you can send Media and documents through WhatsApp Web 
on similar cell phone. 

8. You can utilize the WhatsApp application for every other undertaking counting calls. Also, for the Media and records you can utilize the WhatsApp Web on your Opera program 

9. Keep the Android whatsApp application open or minimized 
to utilize the WhatsApp Web in Opera program.

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Now you can now  use Whatsapp On BB10 After December Dec 31 2016 When It Will End It Service On Some Phones. 

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September 26, 2016

[Mtn, Etisalat, Airtel] Whatsapp Data Plans And How To Subscribe For Choice Via Ussd Code And Sms(Direct)

I will be unveiling the whatsapp plan activation/subscription codes for MTN, Etisalat, Airtel and glo networks in this post. Whatsapp is now part of our life as it has replaced even the normal SMS
provided by network operators. No one sends SMS now as whatsapp covers that at a very affordable rate.

To know how important and useful whatsapp is, just imagine how you will feel if whatsapp is carelessly deleted from your phone. Am sure you will run crazy as it's among the most cherished
apps on everyone's Smartphone.

Whatsapp was launched in 2009 and since then, it has recorded over  1Billion downloads and according to an official whatsapp statement recently, closely 1million people register on whatsapp on daily basis and billions of messages are sent on the platform.

Now back to our main focus which is the whatsapp bundle plan for all networks in Nigeria. I noticed that some people; due to one reason or the other are unable to subscribe for normal data
plan at a particular time but still want to be connected with friends and relatives via whatsapp chat at the possible cheapest price. That's why am bringing this post so you can select the
best and cheapest whatsapp bundle that fits you.


MTN Whatsapp Plan Subscriptions And How To 

Whatsapp Goodybag is the data bundle for Whatsapp users on the MTN network in Nigeria, this plan offers unlimited use of whatsapp at a cheap and affordable cost. Subscribers can either subscribe for the weekly plan or
monthly plan which costs  #25 and N60 Naira respectively..

The Code for the MTN Weekly Whatsapp Plan

To subscribe for the MTN Whatsapp weekly plan,

  • Make sure you have at least N30 credit on your line
  • Dial *662*3*1# or Simply text WAW  to 131 or click the DIRRCT SMS LINK and you will receive a welcome message for the bundle. It valid for 7 days.

The Code for the MTN Monthly Whatsapp Plan

To subscribe for the MTN Whatsapp monthly plan,

  • Make sure you have at least N70 credit on your mtn line
  • Then dial *663*3*2# or Sms WAM to  131 and it valid for 30 days or click the DIRECT SMS

To check your bundle plan expiry date

Simply dial *559*25# and if you want to opt out or unsubscribe from the plan at any time, simply text NO WAW to 131 (for weekly) or using DIRECT SMS and NO WAM to 131 (for monthly)- DIRECT SMS or better still dial *662*3*3# Direct Tel to unsubscribe from both monthly and weekly at once.


Etisalat Whatsapp Plan Subscriptions And How To 

I hope you remember the etisalat chat pack that rocked last year, well it's still working but no longer unlimited but it's okay for whatsapp. With chatpak, you can access whatsapp, Facebook messenger, WeChat and 2go. To Subscribe for weekly chatpak, just dial *343*5*6# DIRECT TEL and it costs N150 But to subscribe for the daily plan, dial *343*5*5# DIRECT TEL and it costs N50 daily.

However, there is a trick to use VPN to power Etisalat chat pak and use it with all apps. See the trick HERE

Airtel Whatsapp Plan Subscriptions And How To 

I have already made an ARTICLE on this airtel whatsapp data bundle where I said Airtel is also another network that offers affordable whatsapp bundle for their subscribers. This offer whatsapp data bundle is unlimited if you read this ARTICLE. It also goes along side with the still blazing  facebook flex.

To Subscribe for the monthly plan, dial *948# DIRECT TEL and it costs  N100 with 30MB for 30 days. To check remaining MB balance, dial *123*8.


Unfortunately, Glo and Ntel doesn't have any whatsapp plan at the moment (i might be wrong though). Even on their website, there is nothing like that yet but i will keep you guys updated as soon as it's launched.

In conclusion, you can see that MTN offers the best whatsapp plan among all the networks, followed by Airtel.Etisalat plan is a bit expensive but considering you can also use it with Facebook messenger, 2go and WeChat, by clicking HERE.
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