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March 03, 2017

Get Free 1GB On Airtel Network For The Weekend

Airtel Nigeria is back again with another grray awoof for the weekend
and this offer gives free 1GB for the weekend i.e Friday till Sunday night . It can power all your applications and browse without any speed throttle.

This Airtel weekend awoof free data can be used without the help of VPNs. Also it works for free without deducting a dime from your account.

After activation, you will be able tl access the internet. This data can be used to download, stream online videos, play online games, watch live matches.
It can also be used on all devices be it iPod, iPad, tablets, PC, Modems, windows, iOS, iPhone and any devices that can access the internet.

How To Activate Airtel Free 1GB For The Weekend

This is free awoof from airtel and we don't know when it will be stopped. So activate yours today, before it gets blocked.

==> It is easy and simple to activate. Just go to your mobile phone dialpad or phonebook.
==> Then dial *475# and you would receive a message saying "You have already purchased the Weekend
Bundle Offer valid till Sunday. "
==> So you have successfully activated the free 1GB and deal *140# to check your data balance.

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January 14, 2017

APN Settings of Airtel Nigeria for Android, iPad, iPhone, Nokia and PC

Without setting Airtel APN settings well configured on your device, be it 3G modem, iPhone, iPad or Android device, you will not be able to connect to the internet using the Airtel Nigeria network even if you've subscribed to Airtel data plan. Even lately, some guys are using the Airtel APN to browse with BB subscription on their Android.

The Airtel mobile internet settings can be pushed to your mobile phone automatically after which you can get connected to the internet with Airtel 3.75G network if you save it as your default settings.

How To Get Airtel Configuration Settings Via SMS

If you are wondering how you can request for Airtel automatic internet configuration settings on your phone, you can try sending “internet phonebrand model' to 232 eg "internet Nokia 210" to receive your settings via SMS. Typically, once you insert the Airtel SIM, the settings are automatically configured.

However, a need to configure manually might occur if your device can't receive Airtel automatic settings. This varies from device to device but the parameters remain the same irrespective of your device.

For manual configuration of your device with Airtel settings, use the info below:

Airtel Internet Browsing Settings

--> Account Name: Airtel Nigeria
--> Username: Please leave blank
--> Password: Please leave blank
--> Access Point Name (APN):
--> Home Page:

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Zain APN

Username: internet
Password: internet

That's all.
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January 07, 2017

How To Get Airtel 7GB for N2000 | Airtel REDHOT Promo

Airtel RedHot Promo has been out since last year and has been blazing. This is a promo whereby you recharge yout airt line regularly and win big whopping cash of up to 10mIllion naira for free. Now, today airtel REDHOT Promo has upgraded by offering a whooping 7GB dat for just 2000 Naira to browse and surf the net on all devices including Android phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, and laptops. This is not a BB Plan oo lol

This is actually a bonus data just like the MTN double data bonus where you get 100% bonus on any data plan you
purchase valid for one month. But the little difference is that doesn't involve Imei tweaking.

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However, i got this message from Airtel and I’m sure Airtel users and fans got the same message as well.

Free 3.5GB waiting for you & a chance to win 10Million in the Airtel Redhot Promo. Dial *437*2# and activate 3.5GB and get extra 3.5GB for N2000 valid/30 days

How To Activate ?
Dial *437*2# to activate this package

Note : The validity peroid is 30 days, not 7 days.

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January 06, 2017

Airtel Data Plans January 2017 - Prices & Ussd Codes To Subscribe

I prompt all Airtel endorsers of experience these best data plan recorded here including the costs, legitimacy period and code to subscribe to each and everybody one of the data plan.

In Nigeria, with regards to systems with dependable 3G benefit crosswise over most urban areas, towns and even towns, Airtel is among. Airtel system is one of the quickest and that is the reason many individuals has their SIM only for web perusing purposes and other online exercises.

Am as yet saying that "retreat" didn't influence data plan in Nigeria since i could recall when we used to pay N1000 for justb200MB information a few years once more from Airtel yet now it's a history.

In this article, I will "survey" all the Airtel information packs for 2017.

The most imperative thing is these groups deals with all gadgets - all Android smartphones, Tablets, iPhones, iPads, Modern, switches, USB dongles and can be fastened and shared by means of WiFi, Bluetooth and USB harmony.

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Dialy Plans 

30MB for #100 Plan
Airtel has increased the size of data allocated to the N100 naira card from 10mb to 30MB just like MTN. This kind of data plan is just to help you finish up whatever you are doing for the day when you eventually exhaust your bigger data plan.

Just like MTN also, Thwis plan is valid only for 24hours and the subscription code is highlighted below. To subscribe for this plan dial *410#. 

50MB for #300 Plan
This data plan by airtel isn't impressive at all. How would i buy 50MB for N300 when MTN offers 100MB for 200# and Glo offers 200MB for 200#. Also, at Airtel's official website, it was stated N200 instead of N300 which is the actual price.

Though this plan valid for 3 days but i suggest you check other plans below to make a better decision because this one is a no no for me personally. However, to subscribe for this bundle, just dial *412#. 

5-Star Pack 25MB (5MB daily) for #100
This data plan is suitable for java phone users and also Android phone, because this plan involve chatting.

For N100 Naira, you’d get 5MB every day for 5days to surf the internet. To subscribe for this plan dial *401#. 

Weekly Plans 

750MB for #500 Plan

Just like MTN, Airtel offers 750MB for 500 Naira which valid for two weeks. But while MTN gives you one week for this plan. Though MTN also gives 500 for 1GB which is available for MTN Pulse Tarrif plan only. Therefore, Airtel thinks you should cool down and enjoy your data up to 2 weeks.
To subscribe for this plan dial *418#

Airtel Monthly Plans

Yes Airtel labeled themselves "the smartphone network" after they began offering less expensive data plan that chips away at Android gadgets even before different systems began doing same. We have loads of month to month plan from Airtel and I will survey them here in a steady progression. In spite of the fact that, Globacom still standards when it comes to least expensive data plan in Nigeria.

1.5GB for #1000 Plan
This plan is the most popular plan in the country. Airtel offers you 1.5GB worth of data for 1,000 Naira. This plan is their Android 1.0 plan but as stated on their website, this plan works for all devices. I have tested it, and it truly works and unlike their blackberry plans, the data consumption rate is reasonable. In other words, it doesn't zap like older plans some years back. The plan will last you for one complete month. To subscribe to this plan, dial *496#

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3.5GB for #2000 Plan 
For just N2000, you’d get more than double the amount of the data allocated to the cash equivalent of the previous plan which is also valid for 30 days.

This plan is perfect for the everyday internet user who sometimes stream videos and download clips. To subscribe, dial *437# This plan is awesome no doubt, but before subscribing, have a look at the next plan.

5GB for #2,500 Plan
It's like, the more the prices the more the data allocation. Smart business trick if you ask me. When you add another 500 Naira, you get an additional 1.5GB
data. What am I saying? With your N2,500, you get 5GB to surf the web anyhow you want for 30 days.

This plan is sure bet for heavy internet users who are always online doing one thing or the other 24/7
To subscribe to this plan, dial *437*1#

7GB for #3,500 Plan
Still on the matter, if 5GB won't be enough for you in a month, my brother, my sister say hello to the 7GB plan which will cost you N3,500 and valid for one month.

To subscribe to this bundle, dial *438#
Although the next 2 plans might not strike you as being “reasonable”, power users (bloggers and internet marketers
alike) would find them interesting.
12GB for #5,000 Plans Airtel offers 12GB worth of data for 5000 Naira. This plan is suitable for bloggers, business owners who uses the Internet for their services, online freelancers and the likes.

To subscribe for this plan dial *452#

24GB for #8,000 Plan Still on the matter, for more power users, you can get a
Whooping 24GB for N8k valid for 30 days. To subscribe dial *460#

250MB for #300 (Opera Mini Bundle)
Say hello to the cheap opera mini bundle. We all know that opera mini is one of the best web browsers and it conserves data more that any other web browser so thos 250mb is just enough
to carry you for the whole one month at the price of just 300 Naira

To subscribe to this opera bundle, dial *885*1#.

Summary Of All Airtel Data Bundles, Plans, Validity, Opt - In Codes 

  • Airtel Daily Data Bundles

  1. 30MB @ ₦100 24 Hours *410#
  2. 50MB @ ₦300 3 Days *412#
  3. 25MB @ ₦100 5 Days *401#

  • Airtel Weekly Data Bundles

  1. 750MB @ ₦500 2 Weeks *418#

  • Airtel Monthly Data Bundles

  1. 1.5GB @ ₦1,000 30 Days *496#
  2. 3.5GB @ ₦2,000 30 Days *437#
  3. 5GB @ ₦2,500 30 Days *437*1#
  4. 7GB @ ₦3,500 30 Days *438#
  5. 12GB @ ₦5,000 30 Days *452#
  6. 24GB @ ₦8,000 30 Days *460#

Dial *140# to check data balance.

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January 02, 2017

Latest Airtel, Etisalat, Glo & MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2017

Happy New Year Guys, we will uncover most recent free perusing cheats 2017 on MTN , Airtel , Glo and Etisalat organizes and the settings and VPN applications to use in tweaking each and everybody of them.

Review a year ago we did comparative thing by disclosing all the most recent working free perusing changes on all the significant systems primarily in Nigeria and I believe it's entitlement to proceed with that thought for this present year.

By and by, i invite all of you to the year 2017 as we trust it will be effective year drained of disillusionments, destructions or any  other negative effect.

Having said that, we right now make them work free perusing undermines a portion of the prominent systems, for example, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat. A year ago began splendidly as far as accessibility of changes however towards the very end of the year, the vast majority of the changes quit working which made a few people restrict their Web exercises in other to spare information.

Strangely, today I have uplifting news for you as there are still approaches to peruse free with your Android gadgets, PC and even iOS gadgets. So will take it in a steady progression, one arrange at once.

NOTE : This article is for instructive purposes and to caution ISPs of the escape clauses on their systems in order to settle it on the off chance that they wish.

And in addition, the beneath changes are all filling in as at the season of distributing this post.


Airtel Cheat 2017 (0.00KB Cheat)

The Airtel 0.00kb Cheat is a recently rebranded cheat that reigned in June a year ago however reemerged at the very end of a year ago as we were planning to traverse to 2017. This cheat gave numerous youngsters enough information to get to the Internet amid the yuletide season. Such a variety of downloaded a few gigabytes of documents as their memory cards can contain yet something happened along the line - the download speed backed off (perhaps on account of blockage). In spite of the fact that, the issue of consistent separation was settled, few individuals still gripe it's currently moderate with Psiphon however  on Tweakware v4.7 it blazing hot! 

==> An Airtel SIM with 0.00kb balance
==> Your Android phone or tablet
==> A stable 3g network connection
==> Your VPN app

Psiphon Settings For Airtel Live 0.00KB Cheat
Download Psiphon
==> Tick Remove Port
==> Proxy Type: No proxy
==> Proxy Server:
==> Real Proxy Type: Default
==> Real Proxy Server: Leave Empty
==> Real Proxy Port: 80

Tap on Save and select United State as your region and finally go to More Options with this below configuration set up.

Tick connect through an HTTP proxy
Then tick use the following settings and apply below variables appropriately.
==> Host address :
==> Port : 8080

Lastly, go back to VPN home and tap on Start. In few seconds it will connect, then start browsing for free. You can read more about it here

Tweakware V4.7 Settings For Airtel Live 0.00KB Cheat

Tweakware has released a new version that now accommodate this latest airtel cheat and it is more stable and faster than Psiphon for now.

Tweakware has exceeded the free user data limit to 350.1MB per each sever on the latest version. Which means, you will be limited to use  350.1 x 6 MB on free account (Free Server). All as explained Here 

==> Download the latest tweakware vpn v4.7
==> Then launch the app and configure it as below;
==> Go to Settings => Bundle Settings => Tick Use Bundle Settings => Select Bundle Settings and tap on NG Airtel 0.0k.
==> Go back to the homepage and select Free Server if you don't have a premium account with Tweakware.
==>  After that, tap on Connect, it will connect within 5secs. Now, launch your browser and start browsing.

How to use Airtel 0.00kb on PC? Click HERE

Etisalat Cheat 2017 (0.00KB Cheat)

Etisalat 0.00kb nxtfwd cheat is yet another free browsing tweak that has been available for some time now. The only drawback to this tweak is that you are only eligible to use free 60mb per
day unlike other networks that are unlimited. See trick to bypass 60MB limit


Psiphon Settings
==> Proxy type: Real host
==> Url/Host:
==> Real proxy type: HTTP or any others from the list
==> Real proxy port: 80

After that, tap on Options and select United State as your region, then go to your More Options , and just untick
Connect through an HTTP Proxy
Finally, click the Start or Connect button
See more about it here

To use it with XP Psiphon, click here and to use on syphon shield click here.

Glo Cheat 2017 (0.00KB Cheat)

Glo Free browsing is very scarces before but ever sinc the glo 0.00kb ( cheat on Glo was discovered, it has remained strong and not only works via Psiphon but UC Mini Handler as well. Below are the settings for the tweak.

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APN Settings
Use glo default APN Or click Here

Psiphon Settings For Glo 0.00 Unlimited Free Browsing cheat 2016

==> Launch Your Psiphon Or Netify VPN
==> Untick Remove Port
==> Proxy type: Real Host
==> Proxy server:
==> Real proxy type: Default
==> Real proxy server: leave it blank
==> Real proxy port: 80
==> Now tap on Save.

Go to More Options and untick connect through a host proxy. Now go back and connect. Start browsing. See more about it here

However, you can also alternately use below settings:

Name: glo 00
APN: gloflat
APN Type: Tick only Default
Port: 8080
Username : [empty]
Password : [empty]

Now open your Psiphon Pro Lite Handler and configure it as below:

==> FrontQuery:
==> Tick Remove Port
==> Proxy type: Real Host
==> Proxy server:
==> Real proxy type: HTTP
==> Real proxy server:
==> Real proxy port: 8080

Now tap on Save. Finally, hit the "connect" button and watch the speed being high then start browsing free. Click Here to use on Xp Psiphon.

To Use Glo 0.00KB On Uc Mini Handler ?

First of all, Download UC Mini Handler
APN Settings
==>  APN: gloflat
==> APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
==> Proxy: leave it blank
==> Port: leave it blank

Now open the UC mini handler app on your phone and configure it with below settings:
==> Device user agent: click and choose Android
==> Web user Agent: click and choose Opera or Safari
==> Handler download limit: 9999999991
==> Tick remove port
==> Proxy Type: Real Host
==> Proxy Server:
==> Real Proxy Type: Default or HTTP
==> Real Proxy Port: 80. See more here

Save and open any website. To download large files with it or to know more about this tweak, click here.

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Sypon Shield Settings For Glo 0.00KB Cheat

Glo 0.0kb free browsing can also work via syponshield vpn. So follow below configurations

APN Settings
==> Name: HorlarTechGist
==> APN:  glosecure or gloflat
==>APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
==> Proxy: leave it blank
==> Port: leave it blank

Syphon Shield Settings
Launch Sypon Shield, in the handler menu, set it up as below
==> Filter: @
==> Add Port or non-Port URL: 9201
==> Tick Remove Port
==> Proxy Type: Real Host
==> Proxy Server:
==> Real Proxy Server Type: Inject or Socks
==> Real Proxy Server:
==> Port: 8080

Select save and click on “tunnel whole device”.
==> Click on the option tab
==> Region: select, United States or any other server
==> Don’t tick connect through HTTP Proxy
Then wait for few seconds for it to Connect.


Unfortunately MTN has no 0.0k free browsing ever since the bblited cheat was gone in June/july and also we can't say that MTN has a cheap data plan. 
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December 31, 2016

Enjoy Airtel 0.0k Unlimited Free Browsing and Downloading Via Tweakware 4.7 - Download & Stream

Tweakware has officially launched a new version of tweak version 4.7 which has been embedded with airtel 0.0k unlimited free browsing bundled settings. Tweakware 4.7 has just one free sever compared with the hacked and cracked tweakware.

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Tweakware is already know as a vpn that doesn't have much problem while setting configuration but known to be too stressful in the disconnecting aspect. Therefore, Download Tweakware 4.7 and set up settings below.

Tweakware is offering you just 350.0MB of data when using the airtel 0.0k. Also be aware that there is only just one free sever available in Tweakware 4.7 that is why it differs from the Hacked and Cracked Tweakware. Therefore the one sever available in the Tweakware 4.7 gives you 350.MB of data daily.

Must Read : Solutions That Fixes Recent Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing Disconnecting Issue

==> Launch Tweakware 4.7

==> Click "Settings"

==> Go to "Bundled Settings"

==> Tick or Enable "Use Bundled Setting"

==> Tap "Choose Bundle Setting"

==> Choose "(NG AIRTEL) 0.0k

Note : It might not connect or disconnect. Just keep tapping "Connect" and it will connect. Once it connects, it won't disconnect again only if your 3G failed for at least 1minute 30seconds (01:30). Enjoy it while it lasts.

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Don't forget to drop your comments below.
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December 30, 2016

Airtel 0.00K Free Browsing Works & Never Disconnect Using Tweakware v2.0 by IrWin

Recently we introduced an airtel 0.00K unlimited free browsing. Since then i my self have never tried it on my own personal phone. Trying it today using Psiphon, it disconnects and later worked well. But the most surprising thing is working on a Tweakware+ Psiphon app. This vpn is called Tweakware but has already been embedded with psiphon features. Lo and Behold, i tried airtel free browsing via this Tweakware, and it worked without disconnecting at all even all others are disconnecting anyhow, this is exempted. Airtel Free Browsing is also working on pc

Must read :- These Solutions Fixes Airtel 0.0k free browsing not working

To browse unlimitedly with your airtel sim via tweakware, Download Tweakware Here and follow below settings.

Set your APN as default or click here to know all network Apn Settings. Launch any of above vpn, then apply below settings;

  • Tick Remove Port
  • Proxy Type: No proxy or Reverse Proxy
  • Proxy Server:
  • Real Proxy Type: Default
  • Real Proxy Server: Leave Empty
  • Real Proxy Port: 80 

Tap on Save. It will take you to a dashboard exactly like Tweakware. Click Settings at the top of the page then tap More Options with this below configuration set up. 

  • Host address :
  • Port : 8080 

Now go back to home and tap on Connect. In few seconds it will connect, then start browsing for free. 

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December 27, 2016

Latest Airtel Unlimited 0.0KB Free Browsing Via Psiphon, ProNET, QueenCee and Syphon Shield

Hello, i am pretty much sure that you guys are still enjoying the latest etisalat and glo 0.0K free browsing via QueenCee vpn and also Xp Psiphon (Glo"d & Etisalat). Airtel 0.0K free browsing has not been unveiled for the past 5 months. Lol even their free 5GB they collected back. Well i am glad it has happened(Free unlimited browsing).

This free browsing by airtel was introduced yesterday night but i didn't post it because some people are nagging that it wasn't working. Also, i couldn't test the tweak because i am having different sim currently available on my sim. But just recently i tested it after switching sim and it worked fine and fast. This browsing is very superb.

To Browse Unlimitedly with your airtel, you need to download any vpn app. Vpn app like Psiphon108handlerUI, Xp Psiphon, ProNET, Psiphon A+ ProQueenCee Vpn and Syphon Shield. There you can download them from the given links. Also set your APN as default or click here to know all network Apn Settings. Launch any of above vpn, then apply below settings;

  • Tick Remove Port
  • Proxy Type: No proxy
  • Proxy Server:
  • Real Proxy Type: Default
  • Real Proxy Server: Leave Empty
  • Real Proxy Port: 80

Tap on Save and choose United State as your region and finally go to More Options with this below configuration set up.

  • Host address :
  • Port : 8080

Now go back to home and tap on Start. In few seconds it will connect, then start browsing for free.

Features of Latest Airtel Free Browsing 

  • It connects fast 
  • Download large file of up to 0.99GB
  • Helps you change your ip address randomly 
  • It powers all app. All Messenger apps also. 
Let me expecting MTN 0.0K free browsing since Glo, Etisalat and Airtel has theirs.
How to make vpn free browsing stable

Notice: Do Not Report This Free Browsing Tweak Or Publish It Out To Any Airtel Staff Or Representative In Order To Avoid Been Blocked. Lol i could remember the guy who made airtel removed the free 5GB and 30GB
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December 18, 2016

Airtel Launches New Tarrif plan called "smartPREMIER" that offers you 150MB On every Recharge and other bonuses

Airtel has launched a new tarrif plan called smartPREMIER which offers free bonuses on every recharges. Airtel smartPREMIER new tariff plan allows subscribers to enjoy a FLAT rate of 11kobo/second for calls ACROSS ALL local Networks after a 1st minute
charge of 40k/sec.

Benefits of Airtel smartPREMIER Tariff Plan

  • All calls to all networks in Nigeria are at 11k/sec after the 1st min of the day at 40k/sec.
  • All calls to UK landlines, US, India, Canada, China are at 11k/sec after the 1st min of the day at 40k/sec.
  • Receive calls for free while roaming for up to 500 minutes/month.
  • Generous data bonus on every recharge for up to 150mb.

Therefore, all existing and prepaid customers can opt in for free by dialling
*318# and can start enjoying the tariff plan.

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December 15, 2016

Latest Airtel Game Club/Plus Free Browsing via Psiphon, Xp Psiphon and Syphonshield

Hello guys, it has been long since we enjoyed airtel cheat or free browsing tricks recently my whatsapp group are enjoying 0.0k free browsing via airtel but didn't work for some people that is why i haven't updated it here. Now inam dropping airtel game plus mb and how to use it on vpn like Psiphon, Xp Psiphon, syphon shield and Netify. These free browsing is also like the MTN Game Plus 300MB which was working via Psiphon and other vpns.

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How To Activate Airtel Game Club 

To activate yor airtel sim to game club, Sms GAMES to 5900 and use the settingssettings below in any vpn sever like Psiphon, Xp Psiphon, Syphon Shield etc. Remember to configure your apn with default or click here to see airtel apn settings.
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Xp Psiphon Settings To Use Airtel Game Club 

  • Download Xp Psiphon and launch it 
  • Proxy Sever :
  • Ip : Choose from these usa ip 
  • Custom header : Host 
  • Proxy Type : Real host
  • Remote proxy : Remove Port 

Psiphon Settings To Use Airtel Club

Note : You can also make use of Netify, Syphon Shield and others to enjoy this free browsing cheat. To use on other vpn apps, just apply above settings to it. E.g you can apply Psiphon settings to Netify and syphon shield and Queencee Vpn

To deactivate game club on airtel dial *599*2# to deactivate AIRTEL GAMES
CLUB. These plan is free of charge and can work unlimited if you have a stable 3G (H+) Network.
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December 03, 2016

Cheapest N500 Data Subscription On MTN Airtel Etisalat and Glo

Nowadays, data is life. Without data you can't surf the internet and data nowadays aren't affordable again because they are quite cost. ItIt no more news that Glo offers the cheapest data plan, follow by airtel, then MTN and lastly, Etisalat. But here in this article, i will be discussing how you can subscribe the cheapest data plan of N500 on all network (mtn, glo, airtel & etisalat). We thank God that the hike of data has been cancelled therefore some of us can afford at least cheap data. Checkout the cheapest N500 Data subscription on mtn airtel etisalat and glo.

Cheapest N500 Data Subscription On MTN Airtel Etisalat and Glo 

1. MTN N500 FOR 1GB : 

MTN offers "cheap" subscription of N500 which gives 1024MB for two weeks. To subscribe to MTN 1024MB for N500, first of all migrate your MTN to Pulse using ussd code *406# then select 1. Afterbm migrating to MTN pulse, dial *406*2# to subscribe to MTN 1GB for N500. Like i said it valid for 2weeks. To check your data, dial *131*4#. 


Etisalat is offer the most expensive data plan which subscibers can't endure with and most endure because tgeir service is good. 1GB data bundle for N500? This is the cheapest data plan from Etisalat and it is valid for 30days. To subscribe to etisalat 1GB for N500, dial *229*2*2#.

3. AIRTEL N500 FOR 1.5GB : 

Airtel also offer a cheap data subscription of N500 for 1.5GB. This offer wasn't available but it was unveiled last month. To subscribe to airtel N500 for 1.5GB, click HERE to read more of it.

4. GLO N500 FOR 1.6GB 

Glo offers the "cheapest" data plan. Their cheapest data plan is the N500 for 1.6GB. Did i say 1.6GB? yes 1.6GB for N500 which is different from what etisalat and then others offer. Glo N500 for 1.6GB is valid for one week. To subscribe, dial *777#, then reply with 1, 1 again, and 1 for the last time then you see your N500 for 1.6GB subscription.

NOTE : You can use all these data subscriptions on all devices. You can tether it with your pc or the tyer phones and you can also use your modem to browse it via PC. Now these are for those who don't have enough cash to subscribe to a particular data, i know this one is very affordable and cheap. 
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December 02, 2016

MTN Etisalat Glo Airtel Night Plan and How To Subscribe - 2016

Night plan is a plan which is subscirbed to enjoy free browsing for a period of time in the night. If you are the type who loves downloading but you don't want to use your normal data subscription, night plan is the best. You can use night to download unlimitedly without restrictions because night plans don't last long but i am sure normal one is up to 4 hours browsing.

I will implore you guys not to subcribe to night plans anyhow. The only time you are advised to subscribe to night plan, is if you have movies to download or installation of heavy HD games like FIFA, PES GTA and lots more etc, the night plan is for you. You can also make use of night plplan to perform system upgrade, software updates, application updates from PlayStore and lots more.

Night plan is only available on MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat. It not available on Ntel for now and when it available, i will update you guys.

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MTN Night plan subscriptions code is very easy but to subscribe, you have to first Migrate your MTN to Pulse by dialing *406*1# then sms NIGHT to 131 to subscribe to MTN night plan, it cost N25 only. MTN night plan starts from 12:00AM and ends 4:00AM.


Many people has criticized Etisalat of offering the most expensive data plans and even night plan also. Etisalat first started with time ==> 7PM to 6:59AM. Etisalat night plan started with N200 for 1GB and has not changed till date. The night plan starts from 12:00AM - 05:00AM. To subscribe, dial *229*3*11#.

Etisalat Weekend and "Night Plan" is also available. This offers both night and weekend browsing at once. It also add additional free 100MB for WhatsApp. There are two weekends night plans etisalat possesses see them below :

  • Etisalat 2GB For N1000 Plan - Dial *229*3*12# for 2GB evening & weekend plan @ N1,000 (7PM – 6:59AM) and the whole of weekend in a month. 
  • Etisalat 5GB For N2000 Plan - To subscribe, dial *229*3*13# for 5GB evening & weekend plan @ N2000 (7PM – 6:59AM) and the whole of weekend plus 100MB whatsapp (24/7). 


Glo offers cheap  data plan right from time. It offers both night and weekend data plans. You can only use Glo night plan in 24 hours at weekends. 

Glo night plan costs N500 for 3GB and lasts for 7 days. The night browsing starts from 12:30AM - 5:30AM. And on weekends, customers enjoy full day browsing starting from 12am on Saturdays till 11:59pm on Sunday. To subscribe to Glo weekend and night data plan dial *127*61#.


For now, airtel offers the cheapest night data plan. Airtel - with just N25 you get 500MB and N200 for 1.5GB, you will browse through the night.

To Subscribe to Airtel 200 For 1.5GB and 500MB for #25 Night Plan, you have to first migrate airtel SmartTRYBE plan by dialing *312#, then reply with 1. Then to activate night plan, dial *312# then reply with 3 for 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N200. Airtel Night Plan begins browsing 12AM - 5AM. When the night plan mb finishes, you can subscribe again.

Now, you have subcribe to all network night plan. You can also tether the night plan with other device. Also, you can use your modem to browse with any of these night plan. 
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November 16, 2016

How To Use Airtel 2G Network Plan on 3G Network Via Finch VPN

Few months ago airtel launched their cheapest data plan or N200 for 2GB valid for 14 days and N500 valid for 28 days which is described to only work on 2G networks. Many tricks were used to make these 2g network plans work on 3g network. These tricks worked but i think airtel discovered their loophole. Hmm! The secret has been leaked on how to use the old airtel 2g plan on 3g via finch vpn. This trick is blazing very fast and i am sure this will last so we have to try act fast before airtel discovers their loophole and later in the day get this trick blocked.

How To Subscribe To Airtel 2G Plans
You need to subscribe to airtel 2g plan before using it on finch vpn. There to subscribe to the airtel 2g plan, dial *482#. Choose any that will suite your taste.

  • N200 for 2GB valid for 14days 
  • N500 for 4GB valid for 24days 

Step To Use Airtel 2G Network Planon 3G Network Via  Finch VPN

Step 1 ==> Download Finch Vpn for your android device Here. Install and launch it.

Step 2 ==> Tap the 3 horizontal lines at the top left bar of your finch vpn app and click "Log in". If you don't have an account with finch, you cam register or create.

Step 3 ==> Click "Settings" and configure as below :

  • Tick Local Port Binding
  • Choose Local Port Number 
  • Replace 1194  and put 49201

Step 4 ==> Navigate back to main page and click click "UDP". Select 80. Select "Free Server" as location.

Step 5 ==> Finally Click "Connect", now smile at your finch vpn app disaplaying high stats. Then start flexing.

#Happy Browsing! 
Drop your comments below if this helps
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November 13, 2016

Double Data Offer From Airtel - Get 3GB For Only N1000, 7GB For N2000 or 18GB for N4000

Wow guys! I think we are already in the season of surprise which i think this year will end well via our Nigerian network providers. Hmmm! we are expecting so many offers(Suprise) from Nigeria network providers. I emphasized on this because Just recently, MTN unveils theirs described as SeasonOfSurprises . Airtel Nigeria has now considered about their users and customers by introducing the double data offer again.

Well airtel too just recently released a cheap data of 1.5GB for N500. Also if you are always updated onon our blog, you will know that this airtel double data offer moves alongside with the MTN double data bonus but they differs inin how to get them. MTN double data offer can be gotten via Imei tweak while airtel's is via ussd code which will give below result.

As said in the above snapshot, the "Airtel Double Data" offer gives 3GB for N1000, 7GB for N2000 and 18GB for N4000. Isn't this cool but the only reason why i am sad about this is that it select sims. Not really but needs sim eligibility which is the barrier of not going to enjoy airtel double data bonus offer.

How To Subscribe To Airtel Double Data Offer
To subscribe to airtel double data offer, use below simple ussd code to join the flex.
Dial *496# to get 3GB for N1,000
Dial *437# to get 7GB for N2,000
Dial *438*1# to get 18GB for N4,000

Note : All these data are  30 days and are not for 2G networks. Drop your comments below if this helps.
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October 31, 2016

Triple Surf : New Airtel Offer That Gives 100% Bonus Data Bonus - See How To Activate

Oh Yea! No more short of data again in airtel with Airtel Triple Surf Offer, users can now get 100% data bonus on your data activation and renewals. This special offer is specially made to reward airtel users.

This reward is much the same as the mtn 100% data reward so when you energize 100naira and purchases 30mb every day information arrange, you will be given half information reward then in the event that you recharge it, you will be given another half then in the event that you recharge it again making second times for recharging, you will be given 100% information reward.

Give me a chance to clarify it better, in the event that I stack 500naira now and purchase week by week 750mb from Airtel, the information will multiplied to half for first membership, on the off chance that I reestablish it once more, I will be given half again and on the off chance that I reestablish it again making twice it will multiplied to 100% and which is making 750MB + 750MB that is 1.5GB.

Advantages of Airtel Triple Surf Offer 

  • 50% bonus data when you activate any of the applicable data plans.
  • Up to 75% extra information on first recharging. 
  • Up to 100% extra information on second recharging. 

List of applicable data plans or eligible data plans

1. On the off chance that you purchase every day 30MB of 100naira you will be given 50% for to start with membership, 50% for recharging and 100% for second renewal.

2. On the off chance that you purchase 3Day 50MB of 200naira you will be given half for to start with membership, 50% for recharging and 100% for second renewal.

3. On the off chance that you purchase week by week 80MB of 300naira you will be given 50% for first membership, 50% for renewal and 100% for second renewal

4. On the off chance that you purchase Easy week by week 750MB of 500naira you will be given 50% for first membership, 50% for renewal and 100% for second renewal.

5. In the event that you purchase Android1 Monthly 1.5GB of 1000naira you will be given renewal for first membership, 50% for renewal and 50%
for second renewal.

6. In the event that you purchase Android2 month to month 3.5GB of 2000naira you will be given half for first membership, 50% for renewal and 50% for second renewal.

7. In the event that you purchase Monthly Android 3.5 7GB of 3,500naira you will be given 50% for first membership, 50% for renewal and 50% for second renewal.

How would I initiate the Triple Surf Offer? 

  • Just Dial *141#
  • Select option 2 in the menu “Triple Surf Offer” like snapshot below,
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Airtel Is Set To Launch Their Own 4G LTE Network - See Proof

Airtel Nigeria is now working on their 4G LTE network and planning to set it out as all the other networks in Nigeria has released their 4G LTE including NTEL the new Telecom network and even the data plans. I get know this when airtel tweeted back to one of their fans who was requesting and making inquiry for the 4G LTE data plans of Airtel and Airtel said;
"Hello @Don_TEE, kindly be patient as a communication will be made once the 4G LTE is available. We've got you covered.Thank you ^HAB"

Therefore, this simply means Airtel is currently battling on their 4G LTE
and soon enough, it will be unveiled.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about Airtel launching their 4G LTE? Drop your view below.
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October 30, 2016

Grab Your Offer Now! - Get Airtel N60 For 1GB

Hey guys, airtel Is giving out 1GB for Just 60# and it is compatible for all phones and all airtel users are eligible. And also, it is just recently airtel dropped their cheapest data plan of 1.5GB for 500#. I know that many users will opt in for this new awuf.

How To Get Free Airtel 1gb for N60
To get airtel 1gb for 60#, Dial Ussd Code ==> *141*1*4*1*2*2# then activate it fast before it get blocked just like the recent 5GB. Please drop your comments about this and if also if it doesn't work for you!
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October 29, 2016

Latest Airtel Cheapest Subscription : Get 1.5GB For N500

Recently airtel sponsored a device Huawei E35311-2 Modem whose imei is used to get free 5GB on all airtel sims and was later leaked the o be 30GB. But while tye imei didn't work due to a particular whatsapp user who leaked tye cheat to airtel customer care on whatsapp; This is very curious. Airtel removed their 5GB Data just like the MTN Sme free 15gb data. And now, airtel hss brought to us a suprise by releasing yhe usss code to yheir cheapest data subscription of 1.GB for N500. Isn't this great read fully please. This offer is different from the MTN double data bonus offer which is still blazing very well and you get get tye details in same link e.g :

MTN Double Data Bonus Offer 
You must be on MTN Trutalk

  • N500 For 750MB Gives You extra 750MB = 1.5GB
  • N1000 For 1.5GB Gives You extra 1.5GB = 3.5GB etc and that all. You can click Here to for more details 
How To Get Airtel 1.5GB For N500 

  • Recharge your airtel account with  #500
  • The dial *390*2*1#
  • If qualified, Your ussd code will automatically proceed you to subscribe.
  • Or better still you must get above snapshot as an sms in your inbox before you ca be qualified. But i pray it work for you..... 
Please Kindly drop your review about this airtel improvement in data or what do you want to say about this? Drop your comments. 
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October 25, 2016

Airtel Will Now Start Charging You 15% When You Borrow Airtime

Airtel too is now joining bad gang lol. This is very curious as airtel joined bad gang increasing the charge fee for borrowing airtime from 10% to 15% just Mtn Recently did, and when etisalat increased the price of their monthly data plans. In the first place i think this goes along side with Nigeria economy recession.

Previously when borrowing airtime on Airtel NG, you  must need to be a regular subscriber on Airtel for at least 3 months and must load a minimum of N250 monthly before you can be approved to borrow airtime from then which is gradually. From N50 to N100 and so on.

In a nutshell, if you want to borrow airtime from Airtel, simply dial ussd code *500*amount# . For example, dial *500*200# to borrow N200. Before, amount you’ll receive is less than 10% service charge. Meaning, if you request for N200 airtime, your phone will be credited with N180 while the remaining N20 is for Airtel as service charge.

But now, you will be charged 15% service fee which is more Airtime deduction from your account. That is, if you request for N200 airtime, your phone will be credited with N175 while the remaining N25 is for Airtel as it service charge.
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October 19, 2016

How To Accumulate Airtel 5GB To 30GB Using Sms Bomber

Very sad that in the last article where i updated you guys that airtel has increased the free 5gb to 30gb, why I said i need at least 10 comments is just to know how many people that has not gotten the 5gb so i will adjust it for them so as to airtel awuf data.. Now I will say #Guysforgetaboutairtel5gb, simply go for 30gb. Therefore to go for 30gb, simply follow below instructions.

How To Accumulate Airtel 5GB To 30GB Using Sms Bomber 

To Accumulate Airtel 5GB To 30GB Using Sms Bomber, you need to get or download below apps

Apps Needed : 

Tutorial : 
  • To get the airtel 30gb, download GL Imei Gen and learn how use it to generate the remaining four imei.
  • Tweak this imei by changing the last 4 digit with imei analyser download imei analyser in this post. 
  • Then use the Imei analyzer to analyze it if it is a valid Imei or not. Though it not compulsory, because Gl Imei generation it self generates valid Imei only. 
  • After that tweak the Imei using MTK engineering. If you don't know how to tweak click HERE to learn it today + apps needed or included. 
  • Then after tweaking, you can now use your Sms bomber to accumulate the 5gb to 30gb. 
How To Use Sms bomber 
Download Sms bomberThen fill the provided spaces like below snapshot : 

That is, 
  • To : Type 141 
  • # of text : Choose 10
  • Delay : Choose no delay 
  • Then click "Send"

After all this, you will receive a sucessful message saying : You have been sucesfully rewarded 30gb for 60days..... Then dial *223# to check 

NOTE : The reason why i said I need 10 comments is to know how many people need this. Now i have drop it ooo enjoy and comment now if it worked for you 
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